Celebrating Being Different with Denim

Do you know what we love the most at Yours Again? It is that our every customer is unique. This is a huge inspiration for our creative team. That is why we offer unique clothing pieces to unique and fascinating people! There is nothing better than knowing that our customers can express their personality with our upcycled denim garments. And we work very hard to produce in small quantities, so we can really pay attention to each denim piece, putting all our love, patience and creativity in it. Designing and working with secondhand materials constrains and liberates us at the same time – we get to work with one of a kind materials, exclusively for our one of a kind customer.

There are lots of ways that you can look different with denim. It is all about the uniqueness! Do you feel that you are lacking some ideas to make this statement come true? Read on as we have prepared some simple tips about how you can celebrate being different with denim.

First of all, you should really take a look at ripped denim. Ripped denim works wonders with every outfit. It can give you that extra rock n roll touch that you want. So, do not be afraid to combine it with classic shirt or black classic shoes. You cannot go wrong with this choice, so, relax and get creative.

What is more, you can also try the new layer look. You probably know that layering clothes has been a real trend for a while now. So why not try it yourself? You do not have to do it like everybody does it. You can do it your own way and be unique! Layering clothes has an infinite number of possibilities. Make sure to explore them all!

Do you have a clothing item that you always struggle to combine with other clothes? There are some clothes that are just great with everything and some that are a little more difficult to match. For example, a good old denim vest – experiment with the outfit! An outfit with a denim vest accent can make you stand out from the crowd in seconds. Try it yourself and it will become your favorite combination. We encourage to be creative with your wardrobe – find new exciting ways, play with different pieces and wear it Your way.

As you can see, there are so many ways to celebrate being different with denim. In fact, wearing recycled denim is enough to make your style choices different. It feels good when your outfit looks the way it does not just because it is fashionable, but because it carries a powerful statement as well. In this case, with our brand, your outfits are going to send a message about a sustainable lifestyle and that you do care about the environment. You are willing to take action and start from yourself.

It fascinates our team that pieces of clothing can tell so many stories about you and about all of us. That is why there should not be any rules as of how someone should dress or look. As we mentioned in the beginning of this article – everyone is unique and that is our strength. If we are not afraid to celebrate being different it means that the we will accept others being different as well. This leads to a real community spirit, because if we are strong as individuals – we are a bomb together!