Go for Minimalism and Sustainability

There is a saying that less is more. It affects all areas of life. Be it fashion, interiors or just a simple approach to the basic everyday things. Our brand is a strong supporter of this saying. We think that it is a powerful quote that has a deep underlying meaning that you do not need to own a lot of things to feel good about yourself. We try our best to translate this statement into the language of fashion. Less is more is a thought that we put into every piece of denim that we offer to you.

Why are we so crazy about this whole minimalism thing? Is it just because it corresponds to the latest fashion trends or is it because it has something more to it?

We cannot emphasize enough how the minimalistic approach goes hand in hand with the sustainability. We deeply care about both of these things and believe that one cannot exist without the other. Why is that so? Let’s say you are a strong supporter of sustainable lifestyle yet you still keep buying lots of things, both necessary and not. Can you spot the clash of ideas here? We certainly can.

Are you wondering how to put all of these great ideas into practice and turn your style into a more minimalistic direction? It is easy with our brand. We have a few tips that will help you to start!

For instance, you can always trust blue denim garments. Blue denim is a pure classic and you can never go wrong by choosing to wear it as the main part of your outfit. The same goes with more classic, black denim. It is even better in some cases. It is very easy to combine black denim with other pieces of clothing, black goes perfect with almost everything! It is obvious that denim is always a good idea. The occasion you are dressing up for does not matter. Denim can be both used for special occasions as well as for your everyday style. And moreover – denim lasts forever!

At Yours Again we use a variety of discarded denim. Most of them are too damaged to re-sell, some are too outdated. Using these secondhand, vintage jeans gives us a lot of space for creativity, however vintage jeans can also be limiting in terms of colors or shapes. And in this case we take on the minimalistic approach. We might not have a wide range of materials to work with, but working with these vintage, unique denims empowers us to create something one of a kind for you.

Minimalism is a wonderful way of expressing your style without taking the attention away from your personality. What is more, minimalism goes hand in hand with sustainability. There is nothing better than living a clutter-free life and making sure your style is clutter-free as well. It leaves more space for thought and for you just to be yourself. Less is more and we are here to remind you that you can be the most stylish girl with just a few quality garments that express who you are.

And when it come to us, we have thought it through. We see our products as babies that we let into the world and it is our responsibility – how we design it, what materials we choose, what trims and fastenings we use – how this baby will live and what effect it will have. Therefore we try to simplify our designs, use as less material as we can and sow it in a smarter way, preventing the waste and recycling as much denim as we can. Redesigning discarded jeans and adding more value to a newly made product. Maximum on minimalism!