How to Treat Your Upcycled Denim?

Can you imagine your style without jeans? The answer is most likely “no”. Jeans have become such an important part of our wardrobes, because they are very comfortable and look great as well. However, it is not always easy to find that one special pair of jeans that you would not want to separate with. And you might be even pickier choosing other clothing made of denim – let it be an upcycled vest or a denim dress. No matter what it is – as long as it is made of denim, you might be wondering what are the best ways to treat it, so you can enjoy your denim piece for a long time. Here we have a few very some simple tips that you will find useful!

  1. Avoid washing your jeans too often

Jeans and washing machines are not the best friends. Washing your jeans too often is not doing any well for them. Especially if your jeans are made from black or dark blue denim. You should preserve darker colored jeans by washing them less frequently. Black denim can be a practical yet elegant solution if treated correctly to preserve the color from fading.

  1. Think about washing your denim with hands

Did you know that it is a much better idea to wash your jeans with hands rather than put them into the mechanic washing machine? Hand washing is especially good for distressed denim. Of course, it is beneficial to practically all types of denim. So, it does not matter if your jeans are made from distressed denim or organic cotton – you should try hand washing.

  1. Always wash similar jeans together

This one is a simple, but very useful trick that helps any kind of jeans last way longer. Do you own a lot of pieces with frayed edges or maybe you are into white denim? The secret is simple, but genius – try washing similar types of denim together. What is more, do not combine jeans with other clothing for the wash. Jeans should be washed with jeans if you are aiming for the best results and want to take care of your jeans and other clothing so that they could last longer and preserve excellent condition.

Yes, it is that easy to treat your upcycled denim! In fact, there is no difference – upcycled or not, because these simple tips that we provided work for all types of denim clothing. From now on, you will be sure of what to do and what not to do when taking care of your jeans. If you own a piece of denim clothing with fringes or frayed edges, you might want to carefully cut loose or messy threads with small scissors. To sum up, just keep in mind that washing them over and over again is never a good idea. What is more, you should definitely try hand washing as it is not only better for your jeans, but for the environment as well. Of course, last but not least – make sure to wash jeans with jeans rather than other pieces of clothing. The more similar the jeans are – the better.