Yours Again Denim Fashion Featured in ’Rude Magazine’

Today we want to share an exciting shoot with you guys! This summer our denim vest Gracious Sky was featured in the urban style magazine “Rude Magazine”. Take a look at some of the shots from the summer. We are so happy that our denim fashion pieces were noticed by this magazine!

The styling in this urban style photoshoot was quite impressive and inspirational. The location of the shoot was breathtaking as well. We felt that it perfectly embodies the essence of our denim fashion pieces. It was a pleasure to see our denim vest combined with other denim pieces and a long dress.

This photoshoot perfectly portrays the girl we are designing for. She is brave and not like the others. Our girl is not afraid to be unique and different. She is different not only in her sense of style, but her views on life as well. That is why she chooses to wear upcycled denim from a eco fashion brand rather than buying things from fast fashion brands that pay very little attention to the environment.

One more thing we find truly marvelous in this shoot is its location. We were mesmerized with the aesthetics of the grey walls concrete walls and glass. Choosing for model to go barefoot was like a cherry on the top. What a perfect balance of power and fragility!

These images are truly powerful and carrying the feeling of fragility at the same time. They are not one sided. Just like the girls who wear our upcycled denim clothes and the clothes itself. They tell a story.

Yours Again team is passionate with continuing the story of used denim in new ways and bringing it to the new life. So we were excited to spot some references to that in this shoot as well. There is no better feeling than creating something what is not only beautiful and stylish but good for the environment as well.

It is always exciting to see our clothes in inspiring magazines! This fashion spread in “Rude Magazine” was not an exception. So that is the reason why we are so happy to share these amazing images with you!

Take a look at some of the shots from the shoot and you may get inspired. Maybe you will be able to think of some new ways of combining your denim vest. Remember that there are no limits for your style. You can be both fragile and powerful, just like in this shoot! The most important thing is to be your true self and speak out for the ideas you believe in. We are happy that our upcycled clothes carry a special idea of giving the used denim a new life and stop making harm to the environment.

Thank you “Rude Magazine” and all wonderful collaborators for an inspiring result!