We are happy to introduce new Yours Again product line – upcycled denim aprons for your home or working place. Made of 100% remade denim, sprayed with an eco-friendly fabric protector to relive a long second life. Less washing, more wearing!

Our remade denim aprons are made exclusively for businesses that strive to create their style without doing any harm to the environment. We make personalized work wear for barbershops, hairdressers, coffee shops, etc. You can choose from our color selection – navy blue, bright blue, grey or black denim and moreover, we can place your business logo to make it even more personal. This means that your employees can now wear guilt-free, sustainable, stylish and unique uniform – just let us take care of it.

If you are interested in ordering custom made aprons for your business, contact us at info@yours-again.com and we will create a product exclusively for your needs!

Other prices apply for business customers.