Yours Again introducing upcycled denim accessory line

A truly stylish outfit is never complete without the right accessories. Denim accessories made from recycled denim should become your new favorites. We are extremely passionate about denim fashion. That is why we decided to introduce a special upcycled denim accessories line.

These new accessories are not only stylish, but also made with no harm to the environment. All our accessories are made from recycled denim. Just like all the denim fashion that we offer!

This accessory line was born as an idea to reduce waste of recycled denim in our production process to minimum. Sustainability is our core value and we are constantly looking for ways and solutions to reduce Yours Again impact on the environment. We aim to use secondhand, discarded materials only and hopefully one day become a Zero waste brand, using Zero new resources.

Yours Again upcycled denim Accessory line is made using production leftovers or those pairs of jeans, that could not be used for garment production. We have been prototyping, designing and sampling for weeks to come up with a mini collection of recycled denim chockers and bracelets. This is a limited and exclusive collection and what is best about it – you can have your accessory personalized for You. Just send us your neck or wrist measurements and we will make the chocker or a bracelet that will fit You perfectly.

We put a lot of attention and effort on the design. We think that it is our responsibility as a clothing brand to create denim fashion that would be functional, sustainable and – of course – look good! Therefore we made some multifunctional accessories that not only look amazing but also can be worn in various ways! Yet again – to inspire you wear it Your way. Wear our Multi denim necklace any way you want or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet, for any occasion!

Are you wondering if denim accessories go well with denim clothing? Do not worry about that, it is one of the latest trends in fashion. You can easily wear accessories that are made from upcycled denim even if your whole outfit is made from denim only. We strongly believe that there will never be too much of denim. Denim on Denim!

So set your outfit up and go conquer the world. What you wear reflects your values, philosophy and point of view. Eco fashion accessories made from denim are a perfect choice for girls who have their own opinion and choose responsibly.