Get Your Distressed Denim Look

Holiday season is almost here and we can’t wait for Christmas and New Year’s eve here at Yours Again as well! Have you already thought what you will wear for these special occasions? We have some great suggestions for you!

As the end of the year is approaching, we all have some resolutions. What if you try to achieve something new the next year? For example, buying only sustainable fashion clothes. You can start now! We offer sustainable denim fashion that is perfect for various occasions. It can be a simple night out with best friends or o a cozy Christmas dinner at your boyfriend’s house.

So the main question here is what to wear for the holiday season? Obviously, you are going to be spending a lot of time with your family and friends. That means that you will want to feel as comfortable as you can. Is it possible to feel comfortable and be dressed up for a special occasion at the same time?

Our denim lovers team believes that it is more than possible. You can achieve this very easily with our upcycled denim garments. They are special enough to make you feel unique, while at the same time they are extremely comfortable due to the quality of denim fabric.

Who said that you should lose your urban style for the holiday season? Do not even think about it, because it is what makes you special. Urban style works perfectly for various occasions if you make the right choices about the garments you are going to wear!

For example, a simple denim vest outfit would really help you to be yourself and feel festive at the same time. Our black denim vest is comfortable and stylish. What is more, it can easily be combined with other garments. Once you try a denim vest outfit you will not want to separate with your black denim vest for the rest of the upcoming year.

Of course, do not be afraid to get creative when combining your outfit for the holiday season. You have all the rights to experiment in order to find what suits you the best. Just be sure to incorporate some distressed denim pieces into your outfit. It will guarantee that you will be the star of the evening with your unique and different look.

All in all, make this holiday season a special one. Do not forget to think not only about yourself but about those who surround you as well. One more way to do it is to lead a sustainable lifestyle. It might seem hard at first, but once you make a few steps – it seems just natural and logical way to live. And do you know what is amazing about that? Is that you can start your sustainable lifestyle journey with fashion. Isn’t that great? Here at Yours Again we have all what you may need and more, so feel free to look around and add some upcycled denim into your style!