The Truth About Denim and Environment

There is a topic that we want to talk about, since it explains a lot about why we do what we do. And being a denim brand, we simply must talk about the effect of denim to our environment.

Have you ever thought about the amount of resources that are used to produce denim? As we all know, denim is a cotton fabric. In order to grow cotton, you need water and in order to make denim you need a lot of cotton. This results in extreme amounts of water use, 1500 gallons for one pair of jeans, to be exact. Do we really live in the situation where we can tolerate those gallons of water to be used just to produce a fabric? Do we really need that another pair of jeans?

And what about the indigo dyes to make those blue jeans you love so much? Most of the denims in the mass production market is produced using synthetic indigo dyes, which causes a lot of polluted wastewater in rivers and is very slow to decompose. Moreover, all that stone washing to give your jeans that trendy distressed look – resulting in more washing, meaning more water!

We certainly cannot ignore this. This is what Yours Again denim is all about.The only logical solution to the environmental situation caused by the production of denim is upcycling the denim which is already made. We do not need to produce more of it. We believe that we can simply use what we already have – denim is a very durable fabric and a lot of secondhand denim is just as good as new! By using what we have wisely, we can improve the situation caused by the denim production. Of course, this is not only about the denim fabric. Sadly, it happens with the production of many other fabrics as well. But the advantage that denim stands for is its quality and reusability.

We can fix this by taking a step back from mass production and by supporting slow fashion and sustainable clothing brands that strive to bring us the eco solutions. That is what we are trying to do as well. We are trying to improve the situation by making the upcycled denim stylish and unique.



It is all very simple – what goes around comes back around. It would be very naive to expect that mass production and consumption of various goods, including fashionable denim garments, would have no effect on the environment.

What is better – owning a dozen of low value pieces that were made in a way that is harmful to the environment and people or choosing a couple of statement pieces that you can be proud of and wear for years to come without worrying that they will go out of fashion? Let us tell you – sustainability will never go out of fashion!